From witch doctors and fortune-tellers to psychiatric facilities

24 March, 22:00
From witch doctors and fortune-tellers to psychiatric facilities

From witch doctors and fortune-tellers to psychiatric facilities

22 March 2015

There are a great number of witch doctors and fortune tellers in Macedonia which can, allegedly, help you with a health problem, find a job or solution to a love problem, or destroy a magic that had been cast upon you. The Church warns that these people should not be trusted and that they should be avoided.

Many of them claim to have dreamt about building a church at a certain point or discover some holy water and, by hiding behind religion, deliberately or not, they deceive people into looking for their help and charge their services.

Occultism is a dangerous thing

“Occultism is the biggest manifestation of paganism. It is demonism in its essence. It represents making contact to the fallen demonic forces through rituals and they give you power to be a fortune teller. Some people got such powers that they could perform miracles. The man is just a medium, a transmitter, for the impure demonic forces and that is a dangerous thing” – Presbyter Ivica Todorov, priest at the Macedonian Orthodox Church, says.

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There are many false witch doctors and fortune-tellers that do those things simply to gain material benefit. But, most of them are serious people who had a dream to build a church, discover a holy water or got the gift to foresee the future. Many of them claim to have had contact with some of the saints such as Saint George or Saint Mary, who told them to foretell, constantly speaking inside their minds and making them serve. Those who would oppose would be punished.

“Those people who have nothing to do with Christianity, spirituality and religion might believe these things because they don’t know what a holy man is. Many people have the wrong perception about the saints. A holy person is a person full of love, kindness, goodness and liberated from evil. That person is similar to God. Now, imagine such a person to come to you and torture you. It is impossible” – father Ivica Todorov says, explaining that those are in fact demonic forces appearing in such a form so that the man can accept them more easily.

“That is why Paul the Apostle said that they appear in the form of an angel” – Father Ivica says.

The devil doesn’t help but destroys

Several months ago, he held a lecture in Kumanovo called “Why does God tell us to stay away from the demonic entrapment of superstition, occultism and paganism?” and also often warns of the danger from going to witch doctors and fortune-tellers through the social network “Facebook”.

“I chose Kumanovo simply because these superstitious, fortune-telling, pagan and occult moments have been present there for a long time. After the lecture, many of the people who had had a contact with such people reached to me on “Facebook”, over the phone or directly in the church to tell me that they realized they had been in a serious mental slavery which caused serious mental problems for them. Some of them even ended up in a hospital. Many of them have severely disrupted their marital and family relationships because it’s the devil’s work – to destroy you. The evil knows how to put on a mask. Many of those witch doctors and fortune-tellers put icons in their homes or build churches in order to deceive the gullible, who on the other hand come to them in a very problematic mental state” – father Ivica says.

He is grateful that many people from the Macedonian Orthodox Church are seriously concerned about this situation and are working to eliminate this evil.

“The results are clear. There is a big difference of the general situation compared to 5 or 10 years ago, although this evil still hasn’t been completely eliminated. There are people with a low level of spiritual, mental and intellectual awareness and on top of that, they have little knowledge in religion, which makes them easy to manipulate” – our interlocutor says.

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Witch doctors and fortune-tellers are similar to drug dealers

Father Ivica says that people that go to witch doctors and fortune-tellers develop a fear, they don’t sleep well, often dream that some dark force penetrates their brain and tells them what to say, they are depressed and neurotic and see God as a policeman.

He finds the addiction to going to witch doctors and fortune-tellers and buying drugs from drug dealers very similar.

“The same danger is present and the consequences are the same – psychiatric facilities for both addictions. The addiction to drugs starts with a sense of pleasure at first. The same goes for superstition and occultism. People have a positive opinion of the second type until they realize the consequences in their homes from practicing different things from the witch doctors and fortune-tellers. The drug addiction is visible. Drug addicts have a need to buy it all the time, consume it and maintain the state of false pleasure. For those addicted to witch doctors and fortune-tellers, the consequence is fear, obsession about what might happen to them and by whom. Witch doctors and fortune-tellers assure those people that they will them where the problem comes from and who is the cause and people start feeling fear.

They claim to know how to “break” the spell. When the person faces a problem again, he won’t look at himself, but rather go to a witch doctor and that is how the addiction is developed. Both drug dealers and witch doctors and fortune-tellers are bringing people to mental destruction” – father Ivica says.

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Cleansing with the help of a priest

A spiritual guide can help the people that go to witch doctors and fortune-tellers.

“The best protection from superstition is to fill our religion with complete love and trust to our Heavenly Father through his Son and our God, Saviour and Teacher – Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Church. That means that we need to base our views and system of values on God’s truth, discovered and written in the holy books of the Old and New Testaments and witnessed by numerous righteous people and saints. That is the only way to really experience the joy of our spiritual liberation and understand the advice of our God Jesus Christ, which is written in the Gospel of John: “If you follow my word, you will truly be my students and will discover the truth which will set you free”” – father Ivica says.

During the Sixth Ecumenical Council a decision was made that those Christians who would ask those who perform witchcraft or fortune-tellers for help in order to discover something or have a wish come true, would be subjected to the rule that provides six-year redemption.

“Imagine the consequences that superstition, paganism and occultism bring if it takes six years for a person to be spiritually cleansed” – father Ivica says.

Irena Radovanovic


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