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A fitness journey of a young mum

08 January, 21:40
A fitness journey of a young mum

Maria Lajmanovska 34- Sydney

I hope that my story inspires a lot of women especially mums out there. Never give up on your dreams and goals. Stay focused and positive in achieving your dreams whatever they might be. My advice to woman wanting to get into shape is make fitness and clean eating a lifestyle change. Make time for taking care of your selves. You only have one body so look after it. Stop making excuses. Even if its half an hour a day commit to it your body will thank you for it.


A little about my fitness journey that i would like to share and hope to inspire lots of mums out there to follow their dreams in whatever they would like to achieve and to never give up. My dream became reality and that is because I was very determined in achieving my goal.

It all started at a very young age. I migrated to Australia from Macedonia at a very young age and quickly adapted to this country. As a child I was always very active and played lots of sports and never feared to try anything different. As long as it was challenging. I have always loved a good challenge and have participated in a lot of sports during my school years. I have always been the athletic type. It was when I started high school I noticed that I started to put on some weight. I was never a big girl but I was always conscious about the way I looked. I thought I must do something about it before it get worse. So I started eating healthier and invested in some home workout videos and started exercising at home. I became addicted. My high school friends knew how much I loved exercising that for my birthday they would buy me workout videos and workout outfits. Also at that time my older brother was into bodybuilding. He invested in some gym equipment and had it set up in the garage. I remember I was so excited about it but he told me don’t go near it. I would wait for him to go out and would sneak in the garage and start using his equipment when he was not there. I was so into it. I watched action movies and muscles were just so attractive to me. I bought fitness magazines and anything that had to do with bodybuilding. So my obsession continued where I would do some weight training do lots of running and aerobics. When I turned 16 I signed up at the gym. To me that was a big thing as I had all the equipment i need and aerobic classes. I worked out almost every day. It was like a drug. I felt so good after each workout.

In 1997 I have completed year 12 and that is when I had to decide what I want to study and choose a career. Well I wanted to be a Personal Trainer or anything to do with sport. My very traditional parents were very hesitant about that idea and insisted I need to work in an office. To them at the time working in an office was the best job ever. I was not happy about it but I listened to them and went to college and studied Business Management and Finance. Yes I got an office job but it just wasn't me. My mind was somewhere else I could never focus on what I was doing and what I had to do. 

I got married in 2000 and went overseas for a year. When I  came back I went to office work again and worked as a Legal Secretary. I worked there for a few years then left due to having my first child in 2004. I was then a stay at home mum looking after my first born child but fitness never stopped. The only time I stopped going gym was during my pregnancy and even then I went for long walks. I had my second child in 2007 and after that I was still a stay at home mum looking after my family and being a housewife.

As my second born got bit older and started preschool I felt like i needed to do something and find work or do something that I love. I have always made sweets and cakes and my friends kept telling me to open up a business for cakes. At first I  thought no but then one day out of nowhere I decided I am going to make cakes. I opened up a facebook page and to my surprise I was hit with lots and lots of orders. I then opened up my work from home business Fanciful Delights and Creations and I was excited at first and thought ok maybe this is really meant for me but something at the back of my head was telling me I am still not doing what I actually love. I am not doing Fitness. I was not satisfied.

Cake by Fanciful Delights & Creations

I have always wanted to become a personal trainer. I love to go gym, I   love fitness  and love motivating people to be fit and active. I wanted to share my love for fitness with others. Looking good to me is very important and taking care of my body. Along with my family going to the gym is my number 1 priority in my life. My husband knows how much I love fitness and he has never stopped me from going to the gym. My husband helped with looking after the kids when I went to the gym. My husband plays soccer and I go to the  gym. The fit family. Sometimes he will walk in the door and I would walkout changing over with the kids to do what we both love.

My husband is always supportive of me no matter what. He always believes in me. We were driving in the car one day and an add came up on the radio from Australian Institute of Fitness about becoming a Master Personal Trainer. I just said arghhhh!!! my dream job. He looked at me and asked. Do you want to become a PT??? I answered quickly " offcourse I do what a silly question". He then said ok we will go and check it out and if you want to study the course go ahead and do it.  He knows how much this meant to me. I was so happy and went to the Australian Institute of Fitness and enrolled the next day.

At the gym

I started to study straight away and as I got more into it I became even more interested into fitness. As I have always gone gym and worked out I  was pretty fit and strong and knew a lot about exercises already and the equipment.

I was on campus one day and my coach said its beneficial for us the students to attend the Fitness Expo 2013 FILEX in Sydney. I purchased tickets for the Fitness Expo and attended it. I came across all these gorgeous and beautifully sculpted Fitness Models. I was so fascinated with the way they looked and wanted to look like them. I thought to myself if these girls can look like that why can’t I. Why can’t I when I have been going gym all this time? There were Fitness Model mums and stories about their success and how they achieved their fitness goals and I  was quickly drawn to it and wanted to do it myself. They were so inspiring. So from there on I set myself a goal. As I said before I love a challenge and I must achieve no matter what goal I set for myself but I must achieve.I realized from all the magazines, books and brochures at the fitness expo that not only do I have to train hard for this but I have to clean out my diet. I have always eaten reasonably healthy but not to this extent where I totally had to clean it out and include Lean Protein, Complex Carbs and Healthy Fats. I researched a lot about Clean Eating, training tips and supplementation.

Precious time with my family


By going to the gym all this time I was maintaining my body. Although I looked healthy and fit I still wasn't happy with my body. When I started eating clean and training hard I quickly saw results. I want to be a good personal trainer so before having clients I wanted to experience the whole body transformation process on myself first so then I can use my knowledge to help others. Within 4 weeks of starting to eat super clean and training 2 hours a day I saw really big changes in my body. My body was sculpting. I became even more addicted and worked towards getting my dream body. Every week it was getting better and better. I saw a lot of posts on instagram from Fitness models and mums competing so I thought if they can do it so can I. After all we are all human. I spoke to my hubby and told him I want to compete in Fitness. It didn’t take him long to reply and he said do it. You can do it I believe in you. So it became my dream and my goal to step on stage. I had 12 weeks to do it. That is when i contacted Pro Model Workshop Deanne Murphy who took me on her team and became my Stage Presence Posing coach and Personal Trainer. Deanne Murphy is WNBF 3 x World Pro Figure Champion. I attended her Stage Presence Workshops and trained with her. She gave me the extra push and she guided me to competition. She supported me all the way and helped me achieve my goal and made sure I stayed on track.

I have to say it is not a very easy thing to do. You have to be prepared mentally and physically. I am a very energetic person and constantly on the go. A super busy mum and housewife who works from home decorating cakes, cooks and cleans every day, studying and fitting in social life too, posing classes and still made time to go to the gym every morning for two hours. Not easy at all. At times I felt like giving up. When I said to my husband and kids that is it I can't do it they had a look on their face. A look like I am letting them down. That is when all that positivity would just kick in and  would say to myself you can do it you’re not a quitter. I must achieve my goal. I have to set a good example to my children that to fight for what they want and to never give up on their dreams. Life has taught me to be a fighter and a survivor and that is what I will do. Fight for it. Never give up and to follow my dreams.

So the day came for me to compete in the Fitness Model over 30's at Australian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Oxygen Ultimate Fitness Model. I was so nervous. My legs were shaking, my heart was racing. Me!!! Me who has always had stage fright and was about to step on stage and compete for the first time. I had to walk on stage do my poses in front of the judges and a whole lot of audience in a tiny bikini. I was panicking backstage. I almost gave up. There were a lot of us and some of us were competing for the first time, some where mums some have competed a few times and we were all nervous. I had to come out second and that I thought was even worse but a competitor next to me who also competed for the first time said come on love you put in all this hard work and time and now you’re scared just go out there and show it all off. She was right. The exact words I needed to hear right then and there just before I walked out. I walked out and did it. I can’t believe it but I did it. I didn't place but I still won. I won because I  achieved my goal to step on stage. it was a big achievement for me.

Getting support from my family

My family was there to support me and cheer for me. My husbands and kids were so proud of me. My kids faces were priceless. My kids even made a poster for me and were yelling out Go mum. I had tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face not only because i achieved my goal but because i did them proud. I am their hero.

At the competition with my coach

I enjoyed the journey so much that I can’t wait to compete again. I have a few competitions lined up for 2014. Bring on 2014!!! New dreams, New Goals.

I hope that my story inspires a lot of women especially mums out there. Never give up on your dreams and goals. Stay focused and positive in achieving your dreams whatever they might be. My advice to woman wanting to get into shape is make fitness and clean eating a lifestyle change. Make time for taking care of your selves. You only have one body so look after it. Stop making excuses. Even if its half an hour a day commit to it your body will thank you for it.

Maria's next competition


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Congratulation Maria, you are truly amazing and imspiring, a little more about this mother, friend and neighbour. Maria is full of positive attitude and energie and she is a true believer and a warrior, her goals don't only get achieved, they get mastered by her hard work and endless determination. I can truly say that I have seen her first hand take on many challenges such as her business (making woderful and amazing cakes) and her life long dream to become a personal trainer and achieving a body building body. Such goal and achievement for anyone is hard enough with the many challenges and obsticles on the journey to your goal, achieving what Maria has achieved at her age and after giving birth to two kids I can truly say that this has been an amazing achievement. I hope that the story above will inspire many woman and man to achieve their goals and the journey to good and healthy body takes a lot of disciplene, dedication and hard work. Very proud of how far you have come Maria and we are all here to support you to the end, good luck in your future endeavors. From your dear neighbour and part time gym buddy!

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